A Return to You!

I help career-driven women/mums who feel stuck, have lost their essence and true self, reconnect with their soul and rediscover their power so they can feel alive and enjoy life again.

A Return to You!

I help career-driven women/mums who feel stuck, have lost their essence and true self, reconnect with their soul and rediscover their power so they can feel alive and enjoy life again.

Emotional Freedom

Time Freedom

Health Freedom

Energy Freedom

I am on a mission to help and support women who’ve lost themselves, their essence, and their joy for life by getting lost in supporting others.

If you’re a career-driven parent who feels exhausted and overwhelmed. If you feel out of balance and are struggling to keep it all together. If you’re tired of living with an empty cup and ready to stop compromising your happiness at the hands of everyone else, you’ve come to the right place.

Hi I'm Mala, a scientist turned self-help specialist

How I found freedom at forty - and why I know that you can too.

I have always been a self-motivated and driven go-getter. Never shying away from my passions, I pursued a degree in Chemistry at North London University and landed a wonderful career in the field of science.

My success wasn’t limited to my career, I also found love, married, and gave birth to two beautiful children.

I had achieved, on paper, what most women seek out in society to bring them happiness. However for me, as is the case for many other women, life slowly began to spiral out of control.

My career responsibilities became overwhelming.

My husband developed an addiction that strained our relationship and finances. My children, which I love dearly, required much of my attention as one of them was struggling with a learning disability namely ADHD and Aspergers.

I found myself exhausted, overwhelmed and feeling empty no longer knowing where to turn. The stress showed up on my body as inflamed lymph nodes to which I had to go through several diagnostics, pricked and prodded at a well known cancer research hospital. Unsupported, feeling like I had to do it all, I had lost myself in my struggle to find success in my career and in supporting my family. I accepted guilt, and shame for not being able to hold it all together as my reality.

Read how Mala Found her freedom here.

Let's work together and change your reality - contact me at mala.patel1@gmail.com

Who do I work with?

I helps high achieving and career-driven women who feel like they aren’t good enough to have it all, who struggle with balance and overwhelm, who feel guilty for either prioritising themselves or not enough and are seeking empowerment, to feel good enough and to find their freedom without compromise.

Are you a good fit?

You feel as though you’ve lost your essence. You’re not having fun in life anymore, and you may not even know where to look for it.

You’re drowning in responsibilities. Me time? I gave up on that years ago.

You feel like everyone else comes first, you just aren’t a priority. Making time for yourself isn’t possible without being tarnished by guilt.

Everyone else gets what they want, but for some reason, you feel like it’s not in the cards for you.

You’re thriving on the outside, but you feel like you’re drowning on the inside.

You feel stuck or trapped in a job, relationship or situation you don’t want to be in but can’t see a way out.

You’re seeking something but you don’t know what that is. Satisfaction, fulfillment and happiness seem out of reach.

Client Testimonials

"It was a real pleasure working with Mala. I was able to completely speak from the heart without any judgement. We covered so many areas that I have not spoken to anyone about and managed to breakthrough what has been holding me back all these years. Mala’s informal and relaxed approach helped me get deeper into the things that were blocking me in life. The amazing thing was that what we uncovered was not even what I believed all these years. I associated all my negative thoughts and emotions to one individual in my life, when in reality it was due to a number of people/circumstances which helped me see this individual in a different light."


"I wanted to share with you how much our time together meant to me.

I was already your huge fan, but that evening I walked away with a deeper appreciation of who you are and was mesmerized by your beautiful being. Exuberant positive energy and reflection of self-confidence and self-love. You are natural with being a freedom leader/coach- I feel this was your inner calling to share with all of us how to love the journey of life and see the abundance around us. I walked away with a better me and self-love and determination to strive to be you. Whom I adore so much and grateful to God to allow our path to cross. Our conversation was so deeply connected on so many levels: non-judgement/acceptance/ nurturing to the mind and heart. I came out of our conversation with even more love for you. Thank you for your guidance and genuine care and support to a better and beautiful me.

Love you more than words can say.

Keep spreading your love and positivity to all around you and all you come across. They are lucky to have had their paths cross with yours."


"I’ve been very lucky to work with Mala to help me see things in a different light and help me release some of my limiting beliefs. I have changed my perspective and it has given me freedom from a few things that have been holding me back. Mala is such a warm and engaging person, her passion shines through which is very encouraging and makes me feel at ease."


"Mala made me feel very relaxed during our sessions. The coaching sessions were successful in developing a strategy to help me overcome confidence and belief issues that have been holding me back for years. Mala is professional, but what really resonated was her passion and patience when guiding and supporting me through those challenges. I highly recommend Mala and am so grateful for giving me clarity to believe in myself."


"Big thank you to Mala for sharing her wisdom with me and helping me to close my past limiting beliefs and help me move forward to my happy future ahead of me. If you are looking for someone who will open you to new possibilities in your life, Mala is the right person to talk to about it. You feel like something holding you back to do the essential things in your life do not look any further and contact Mala, and she will open the doors to new possibilities in your life you will never even dream about it."


"Mala created a safe environment for me to truthfully convey my feelings and not just say what I thought she might want to hear! She is very warm in her approach yet demonstrated a high level of professionalism, for me this was the perfect balance."